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Welcome to the Center for Anti-Aging

  • Re-contour your body, restore muscle tone, and reduce body fat.
  • Enjoy remarkable improvements in your general health, your mood and with greater mental speed and clarity.
  • Rejuvenate your energy levels, your sexual performance, immune system vigilance and age related growth factors.
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What People are Saying

"I’ve been going to Center for Anti-Aging for three months now, the weight has dropped off and my energy level is at an all new high"

- Tammy, 37 year old Danville mother of 3

"I was tired all the time and every year it seemed like I gained a few pounds.  The comprehensive approach they took at the Center For Anti-Aging makes me feel like I was 25 again, I’m lighter and full of energy."  

- Rose, 48 year old Danville professional.  

"I can’t say enough about what these treatments have done to improve my life. I was 60 pounds overweight, had horrible back and migraine issues, was tired all the time and had no energy to even work out. In November of 2010 I decided to make a change and went with a friend to see Dr. Allende.  Now my weight is down 60 pounds, my energy is back, my hormones are balanced and I don’t have back problems. I wake up in the morning and look in the mirror and I now like myself."

- Ecstatic Patient
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